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PBHS Band Facility

     The Poplar Bluff Sho-Me Band moved into their new band facility in August of 2016. The students and directors could not be more excited about the new band area.  At our previous high school, we had a band room that measured 1400 square feet and was so small that we could not fit all our students into it.  

     With the help of the community, the school board and Mr. Rod Priest (Assistant Superintendent Business and Finance), the band was able to move into a much larger and more functional facility.  We have a large 5400 square foot band room, a smaller 2400 square foot band room, four practice rooms, a music library, a band office, a uniform storage room and a 1000 square foot percussion storage room.  

     We look forward to making beautiful music in these new rooms for years to come!

Below are a few pictures of the new rooms:

Large Band Room

Small Band Room

Hallways Leading Into The New Facility

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