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Does my child need to know how to play an instrument to join the band?

Not at all.  We’ll teach your child everything he/she needs to know to play in the band.   We’ll start at the beginning with how to hold and handle the instruments, and together they’ll learn to read and play music.

When will band classes meet and how much time will band take?

Our band class will meet every day during the regular school day.  We don’t rehearse before or after school except occasionally right before a concert. 

How much will band cost?

Band is a relatively inexpensive activity.  We work with a respected music company who, at a reasonable monthly price, will provide a beginner package that includes an instrument, the music book, supplies, and ongoing instrument maintenance.  The amount you pay accrues toward buying an instrument if you so choose.  Students may also play instruments that parents have at home as long as they are in good working order.

If my child doesn’t sign up for band now, will he/she be able to later?

Beginning band is offered only in this grade.  The beginning class will cover the fundamentals of playing, reading music, and band etiquette.  These classes aren’t available in later grades.


Will band affect my child’s grades in other subjects?

It will almost surely help them.  Research has shown that band has a positive influence on other studies.  Band teaches self-discipline, careful preparation, and the pride of accomplishment — all applicable to other academic areas.  As a result band students consistently average higher grades than non-band students.

Can you be in the band and be involved in other school activities like sports, cheerleading, dance, step, chorus, or art?

Yes, many of our band students are involved in other electives and activities.


My child is involved in so many activities. Won’t those activities affect his/her performance in band and vice versa?

Band students often have many varied interests that make them among the busiest students in the school.  There is usually plenty of time in the day if the time is well spent. The experience that they gain in balancing these interests and activities often proves one of life’s most valuable lessons.

Is there anything that will keep my student from being eligible for band?

Poor attendance and behavior at the Middle School level can keep students from being able to take band at Junior High.  How a student behaves or attends school until the end of this year might make all the difference in whether or not they can participate in band at Junior High. 

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